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Policy Terms



  IF you are a breeder, planning on breeding OR even intending on having one litter, YOU must let us know!! NOT every puppy is breeding quality and by being dishonest your not only being unethical but  you are causing issues down the road that can/could be prevented!

 The market is over flooded heavily with poorly bred dogs/and pop up breeders,  POP up breeders ( aka BYB )  are folks who breed with no desire to learn how to breed ethically, and do no health testing on their dogs and simply just throw two dogs together to make a quick buck )  We are some of the few ethical breeders who see this being an issue and are doing something to help with the issue! 

 We do what is BEST for OUR program and what is in the best interest of OUR puppies, people MUST respect that, EVERY breeder will have THEIR own way of doing what works for them and that is okay. 


                                                     We now offer two options to our puppy buyers!

OPTION 1-  We can have our vet spay/neuter before placement - we cover the cost. ( Puppies stay longer with us ) 


 OPTION 2 -  Puppy can leave Under a Spay/Neuter contract -


   ( SPAY/NEUTER MUST BE DONE BY 6 MONTHS OF AGE NO EXCEPTIONS - IF Leaving under a Spay/Neuter contract ) 


   ALL Puppies that leave under a Spay/neuter contract will have a set deadline set/date given to have the spay/neuter done by, we do enforce a VERY strict Neuter/Spay contract  & we do reserve the right to ask for a spay/neuter deposit. SPAY/NEUTER deposit  IS  refundable once proof of spay/neuter is received and confirmed ) FAILURE to spay/neuter by the deadline given will result in legal action.  We will do not reimburse any vet fees &  spay/neuter costs on puppies leaving under contracts, spay and neuter costs will be the buyers responsibility, there are several FREE/LOW COST spay/neuter clinics, we  can help find one if needed, should you prefer to have it done yourself. 


 We have partnered with SpaySecure,! They now will handle all our spay/neuter contracts and legal proceedings if need be.

SpaySecure uses binding contracts, they’ll follow up with you to provide  reminders, and the contract will be sent by SpaySecure, they will do the verification ensuring your puppy gets spayed or neutered on time by the set deadline. Spay secure will handle any legal actions if needed on our behalf. 



     We have always had a NON Refundable deposit Policy in Place for YEARS and a VETTING Policy                             

 ALL Deposits made are NON REFUNDABLE,  but we can roll deposit over onto a different litter or a different puppy.


- The reason why deposits are non refundable,  please understand a lot of time is spent advertising/screening potential adopters/buyers, and once a puppy is "held" other potential buyers that were interested get turned away and breeder must advertise all over again and relist and more time is spent doing so that takes time away from doing other tasks.  ALSO A lot of the time a puppy is kept way past 8 weeks of age,  keep in mind MOST other breeders charge boarding fees/or penalty fees for not picking up your puppy at 8-9weeks of age, we do not charge these additional fees, if a buyer changes their mind/or cancels/backs out for ANY reason, then the deposit is forfeited no exception.  ( UNLESS arrangements were made to roll deposit over onto another litter/puppy ) 

- IF on our waiting list for over 60days and you have passed on more than one litter, or rolled onto another litter, OR if you had a particular  puppy placed on hold and have chosen to cancel/pass for whatever reason,  ANY & ALL payments that were made and or deposit(s) placed are non refundable.

We can always however ROLL over any payments made/or deposits towards a future puppy when your timing is better.

PLEASE make sure you are ready to commit to a puppy before placing a deposit down, puppies are NOT objects and this new policy is effective immediately moving forward. It is NOT fair for the puppy or for us to invest our time with messaging back and forth, answering calls, answering questions and moving way from other important tasks. 



                                                                       We reserve the right to take Legal action if needed

   🐾 When choosing a breeder always ask your questions before placing a deposit down, especially if you do not understand something, this helps avoid issues and misunderstands or having a fall out with the breeder. 


        --- BUYER BEWARE!!! ---


Be very cautious of HIGH Scale breeders, these are breeders that charge very high or outrageous premium prices for their puppies. These type of breeders like to hide behind "GROUPS" they create, many times they will allow or support the "Bashing" or "Bullying" of other breeders, or will bad mouth other breeders, or they will have one of their past puppy buyers do bashing/bad mouthing. This is a  very common tactic in the breeder world, they use to LURE buyers into their circle of breeder friends this is merely for their benefit, they try to eliminate  "competition" by bad mouthing or by bashing others to get their puppies sold.  TRUE ETHICAL breeders do not need to bash, bully or allow members in their social media group to do so, responsible breeders help one another build and learn the right way.


Unfortunately with breeding you come across all kinds of things and will face backlash sooner or later, often it can even be a buyer that was not happy with a policy or there was some kind of misunderstanding with something that was not able to get resolved. 

 As with any business you cant please everyone, but we do try our best to be easy to work with =

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